HEG is a Kelowna-based team of highly-skilled geological professionals who provide a full spectrum of services to companies in the mining industry. Quite often, the HEG team are the first humans to set foot in many of the picturesque, high altitude locations where they work. They have made great strides in just a few years, becoming known as the premier exploration services in the Golden Triangle.

Website and Email Transfer

In taking on this project with HEG, I migrated their website and email off of the previous host’s servers. Since the changes to their website were extensive, we produced a comprehensive placeholder website which provided all the necessary business information to prospective clients while we worked rapidly to put the new website in place.

HEG had been using standard web server email, running on the same server as their previous website. But with the rapid growth of their team, they needed a more flexible and dependable email solution. I facilitated the transfer of their inboxes to Google Suite in order to give them all the benefits of cloud email while not losing any of their email history nor experiencing any downtime.

Web Design

I worked with Cole and Dylan (HEG’s CEO/President and VP) to develop a new website that gives expression to their full range of services, and that showcases the truly amazing locations they visit. We developed a system of cascading templates to be able to facilitate the evolution of their website as they seek to add new and more complex types of content. The entire project is mobile-friendly, from the admin panel to the public website, so that they can push forward their market engagement while on the go.

Map Coordinate Conversion

Following the convention of their industry, work sites are logged in UTM coordinates. In order to display the locations of these work sites, we integrated automatic UTM-to-Latitude/Longtitude conversion, and generated dynamic maps using Google Maps API. This coordinate tracking lays the foundation for further map-work to come.

Social Media Management

As part of their marketing objectives to become known as the premier exploration services in their region, we created a set of social media channels to empower them to invite interaction from multiple audiences, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Using some of the social media management tools available today, we linked their channels together to make posting and interacting a simple matter for their busy team.

Banner Design

Near the end of the project, HEG was heading to a major mining industry conference in Vancouver, and needed promotional materials for their vendor booth. We worked together to produce a giant wall banner and some retractable banners that conform to their new website’s design patterns.

Further enhancement

There is more work to come as we continue to roll out the full scope of HEG’s web offerings. It is a pleasure to work with this forward-thinking, energetic team of young professionals.

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